Developmental Support for Youth

Expanding the interest of youth in science with Local Communities

Through communication, exchange with researchers, and helping to conduct experiments, we are seeking to expose the younger generation to the fun and wonder of science. We are carrying out these types of activities to raise awareness of youth towards “science” and “medicine” in the area where our office is located.

・Science and Pharmacology Seminars for High School Students

At the Shinagawa R&D Center, we hold annual science and pharmacology seminars for high school students. The goal of these seminars is to address the social issue of youths losing interest in science and to promote coexistence with the regions in which we conduct our business activities. To date, more than 300 students have participated, and a large number of these students have subsequently pursued higher education in pharmacology and scientific fields. The fiscal 2016 seminar was the eleventh time we have held such seminars, and a total of 33 high school students participated. This year’s seminar included lectures by researchers from the Shinagawa R&D Center, a tour of the center, and a forum for discussions with young researchers. During the discussion forum, participants posed numerous questions on topics including how to proceed with one’s education and what knowledge was necessary to be a contributing member of society. After the conclusion of the seminar, students stated that the seminar had sparked their interest in science and pharmacology and also opened their eyes to the preciousness of life, while others spoke of how they enjoyed hearing a lot of information that could not be obtained through the Internet.

Science and pharmacology seminar

Science and pharmacology seminar

・Community Contributions through Drug Education for Junior High School and High School Students

The Hiratsuka Plant holds drug education programs for junior high school and high school students. The second such program was held in fiscal 2015, and 20 students from junior high schools in Hiratsuka City participated. The program consisted of lectures from researchers from the Pharmaceutical Technology Division, a tour of the research facilities, and a discussion forum with researchers. Participating students offered opinions including how they learned that innovations were used not only to improve pharmaceutical production efficiency but also to help provide peace of mind to pharmaceutical users. Some even stated that they were intrigued by the various sights at the pharmaceutical plant that one cannot normally see. This program also served as a valuable opportunity for researchers to make new discoveries about stakeholder needs.

Research facility tour

Research facility tour

・Science Sessions for Children

In December 2015, the 2015 Science Session for Children was held at the Hiratsuka Plant of Daiichi Sankyo Propharma Co., Ltd. A total of 43 fifth and sixth graders from five elementary schools in the area surrounding the plant took part in this session.

This science session included a quiz-based introduction of the plant. The main event, however, comprised experiments on the science of plastic and light conducted under the guidance of Mrs. Furukawa of the National Institute of Technology, Numazu College, that entailed students making light-up keychains and slime. Performing hands-on experiments gave students an opportunity to directly observe changes in materials, making the session a highly meaningful experience for helping students become more familiar with science. A survey conducted after the science session indicated that many students wanted to participate again.

2015 Science Session for Children

2015 Science Session for Children

・Social Science Classes for Elementary School Students

The Takatsuki Plant of Daiichi Sankyo Propharma held a social science class in October 2015 that was attended by 74 fifth grade students from elementary schools located near the plant.

As part of this class, students observed the process of manufacturing solid formulation pharmaceuticals and took quizzes designed to teach them basic knowledge about medicine. The elementary school students that participated were proactive in asking questions on aspects of medicine they were curious about as well as simple questions about the plant and other topics. This enjoyable class thus stimulated interest in medicine.

・Students to Science

Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., of the United States, has been partnering with the Students to Science (S2S) program since fiscal 2011 with the aim of providing junior high school and high school students with an opportunity to experience science firsthand. In fiscal 2015, approximately 1,800 students participated in this program, and 17 employees volunteered to serve as mentors to these students.

Videos of these various activities have been made available.