Disaster Relief

Reconstruction Support following the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Daiichi Sankyo Group supports the ideals of the Coastal Forest Restoration Project, a long-term post-Great East Japan Earthquake Support program conducted by Natori City, in Miyagi Prefecture, and has been supporting this initiative since 2012. In October 2015, a total of 15 employee volunteers from Group companies assisted in tree-raising activities. Among the tasks they performed were weeding and digging holes in which to plant broadleaf trees around the Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii) trees grown as a part of this project. Employee volunteers participating in this project have stated that seeing the condition of the coastal forests made it apparent that the post-earthquake reconstruction efforts were not yet finished. Others pointed out how the experience made them realize the necessity of offering continuous aid into the future. Going forward, we will carry on the provision of ongoing support in the form of employee volunteers to respond to the project’s need for human assistance over the long term.

Employee volunteers participating in the Coastal Forest Restoration Project

Employee volunteers participating in the Coastal Forest Restoration Project

【VOICE】Ongoing Vigilance in Contributing to the Growth of Coastal Forests

Tomiyo KamataTomiyo Kamata
Business Planning Department
ASCA Company
Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.

The coastal forests of the Sendai plain were apparently formed 400 years ago. After the surrounding hinterlands were converted to farmland, these coastal forests are said to have protected people from the strong ocean winds and high tides. It was learning of this history of the coastal forests that made the goal of the Coastal Forest Restoration Project, namely reviving forests that had been damaged by flooding due to tsunamis following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, resonated with me, inspiring me to volunteer to participate.
Visiting the site of the project, I was able to get a clear picture of the damage incurred as a result of the earthquake, even though five years had passed. After finishing cultivation and weeding activities along a two kilometer strip of coastline, I watched the sunset from the shore. It was then that I realized how much persistence would be necessary to recover the once-beautiful scenery at this site. I hope to continue participating in these volunteer activities, helping in my limited capacity through ongoing vigilance to contribute to the growth of the coastal forests.

Disaster Relief Support

Seeking to help people impacted by the massive earthquake that struck Kumamoto Prefecture in April 2016 in reconstructing their lives, Daiichi Sankyo donated ¥10 million through the Japanese Red Cross Society. In addition, we instituted a matching gift program* by coordinating with the Company’s labor union. Donations amounting to ¥8,079,304 were collected from employees, which were matched by the Company for a total of ¥16,158,608 that was donated through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Please see our CSR activities report for information on other disaster relief support activities.

  • * Program in which a company donates an amount equal to the donations made by its employees