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Established in 2005 through the merger of Daiichi Pharmaceutical and Sankyo, Daiichi Sankyo has a rich history spanning more than 100 years.


  • 1899

    Founded as Sankyo Shoten through a joint investment by businessmen Matasaku Shiobara, Shotaro Nishimura and Genjiro Fukui

    Launched digestive enzyme Taka-Diastase® (in 1894, Dr. Jokichi Takamine discovered the enzyme from a fungus)

  • 1902

    Launched Adrenalin®, an adrenal cortex hormone agent

  • 1908

    Established plant in Shinagawa, Japan

  • 1910

    Dr. Umetaro Suzuki, a future Sankyo scientific adviser, made the world's first discovery of vitamin B1 (Orizanin®) in rice bran and established a foundation for the theory of vitamins

  • 1913

    Changed company name from Sankyo Shoten to Sankyo Co., Ltd.

    Appointed Dr. Jokichi Takamine as first president

  • 1921

    Began manufacturing Japan's first synthetic agricultural chemical, the fumigant insecticide KOKUZOL®


  • 1949

    Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 1951

    Launched LULU® cold medicine

    Manufactured Chloromycetin®, the first antibiotic produced in Japan

  • 1957

    Launched Sankyo Ichoyaku (now Daiichi Sankyo Ichoyaku)

  • 1965

    Launched Vitamedin®, a vitamin B1, B6 and B12 compound

  • 1966

    Established plant in Hiratsuka, Japan


  • 1977

    Launched Krestin®, an anticancer drug

  • 1980

    Launched Cefmetazon®, a cephamycin-type antibiotic

  • 1983

    Launched Captoril®, the world's first renin-angiotensin-type hypertensive drug

  • 1984

    Launched Zantac®, a therapeutic agent for peptic ulcers

  • 1985

    Established Sankyo USA Corporation in New York City

    Established Sankyo Europe GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany

  • 1986

    Launched Loxonin®, an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent

  • 1987

    Established plant in Onahama, Japan

  • 1988

    Launched Regain®, a mini-bottled vitamin tonic

  • 1989

    Globally launched Mevalotin®, a groundbreaking HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (hyperlipidemic drug)

    Launched Banan®, an antibiotic

  • 1990

    Invested in Luitpold-Werk GmbH Group

  • 1992

    Awarded the Ohkochi Memorial Grand Production Prize for Mevalotin®

  • 1994

    Completed construction of head office building in Nihonbashi, Japan

  • 1994

    Launched Acecol®, an antihypertensive agent

  • 1996

    Established Sankyo Pharma Inc. in New Jersey, United States

  • 1998

    Became the first pharmaceutical company in Japan to receive ISO 14001 environmental certification for its Onahama and Odawara plants

    Established Sankyo Pharma Research Institute in California, United States for the development of new medicines

  • 2002

    Launched Fastic®, a drug for lowering blood sugar

  • 2002

    Launched Olmesartan (Benicar® in the United States and Olmetec® in Germany), an antihypertensive agent

  • 2003

    Launched Calblock®, a long-acting calcium channel blocker

  • 2004

    Launched Olmesartan in Japan


  • 2005

    Established by joint holding company of Sankyo Co., Ltd. and Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • 2006

    Began operations of Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Co., Ltd.; Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.; and Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH

  • 2006

    Launched Urief®, a drug for dysuria (Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

  • 2007

    Began operations on April 1, 2007 as Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.

  • 2008

    Acquired U3 Pharma GmbH of Germany and Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. of India

  • 2009

    Launched Prasugrel, an antiplatelet agent and global product, in Germany (as Efient®) and the United States (as Effient®)

  • 2010

    Launched Rezaltas®, a high-affinity ARB/long-acting calcium antagonist compound

  • 2010

    Began operations of Daiichi Sankyo Espha Co., Ltd.

  • 2010

    Launched Inavir®, an anti-influenza virus agent

  • 2011

    Acquired Plexxikon Inc. of the United States

  • 2011

    Began operations of Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo Vaccine Co., Ltd.

  • 2011

    Launched Memary® for treatment of Alzheimer's disease

  • 2011

    Launched Lixiana®, an oral FXa inhibitor

  • 2011

    Launched Nexium®, a proton pump inhibitor

  • 2011

    Consolidated Japan head office and head offices of Japan Group companies into three office buildings in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo, Japan

  • 2011

    Established wholly-owned subsidiary Daiichi Sankyo (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • 2012

    Opened Daiichi Sankyo Kusuri Museum in Tokyo

  • 2012

    Launched RANMARK®, an antibody that targets RANK ligand

  • 2012

    Began operations of Japan Vaccine Co., Ltd., a joint venture with GlaxoSmithKline K.K.

  • 2012

    Launched TENELIA®, a therapeutic agent for type 2 diabetes

  • 2013

    Launched natural tetrahydrobiopterin agent Biopten® Granules 10%

  • 2014

    Launched oral antiplatelet agent Efient in Japan

  • 2014

    Launched CANAGLU® Tablets 100mg for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

  • 2014

    Received approval in Japan for additional AF and VTE indications for LIXIANA® (edoxaban)

  • 2014

    Acquired biopharmaceutical company Ambit Biosciences

  • 2015

    Launched edoxaban, an oral, once-daily anti-coagulant global product, in the United States (as SAVAYSA®) and in Europe (as LIXIANA®)

  • 2015

    Launched Methylene Blue Injection 50mg, a treatment for methemoglobinemia

  • 2015

    Launched MOVANTIK®, a treatment for opioid-induced constipation (OIC), in the United States via co-commercialization agreement with AstraZeneca

  • 2015

    Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited acquired by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. via all-stock transition

  • 2015

    Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare acquired mail-order cosmetics and health food business, Im Co., Ltd.

  • 2015

    Launched Squarekids® subcutaneous injection syringe, a tetravalent combination vaccine for the prevention of diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and poliomyelitis (polio)