Corporate Management Information

Members of the Board, Members of the Audit and Supervisory Board, and Corporate Officers

Position Name Responsibilities
Representative Director,
Chairman and CEO
George Nakayama  
Representative Director,
Member of the Board,
President and COO
Sunao Manabe  
Representative Director,
Member of the Board,
Executive Vice President and CFO
Toshiaki Sai Head of Corporate Strategy & Management Div.
Member of the Board,
Senior Executive Officer
Katsumi Fujimoto Head of Supply Chain Div.
Toshiaki Tojo In charge of Vaccine Business
Member of the Board (Outside) Noritaka Uji  
Hiroshi Toda  
Naoki Adachi  
Tsuguya Fukui  
Member of the Audit and Supervisory Board Hideyuki Haruyama  
Kazuyuki Watanabe  
Member of the Audit and Supervisory Board (Outside) Sayoko Izumoto  
Tateshi Higuchi  
Yukiko Imazu  
Senior Executive Officer Glenn Gormley In charge of R&D
Satoru Kimura Head of Sales & Marketing Div.
Junichi Koga Head of R&D Div.
Executive Officer Ryoji Nagasaka In charge of Secretariat & External Affairs
Koichi Akahane Vice President of Oncology Function, R&D Div.
Yoshihiro Aoyagi Head of Corporate Affairs Div.
Yuichi Kubo Head of Global Brand Strategy Div.
Kohei Wada In charge of Medical Affairs
Kentaro Takamura Vice President of Finance & Accounting Dept., Corporate Strategy & Management Div.
Corporate Officer
Masahiko Ohtsuki Vice President of Business Development & Licensing Dept.
Ryoichi Watanabe Vice President of Internal Audit Dept.
Junichi Fukute Vice President of Supply Chain Planning Dept., Supply Chain Div.
Kenji Katsumi Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Procurement Dept., Corporate Affairs Div.
Kentaro Murakawa Vice President of Sales Planning Dept., Sales & Marketing Div.
Hirosumi Izawa Head of Quality & Safety Management Div.
Shinichi Tobita Vice President of Tokyo Branch, Sales & Marketing Div.
Hironobu Furuta Vice President of Human Resources Dept., Corporate Affairs Div.
Takeshi Hamaura Head of Pharmaceutical Technology Div.
Hideyuki Hirano Vice President of External Affairs Dept.
Shoji Hirashima Vice President of Corporate Business Management Dept., Corporate Strategy & Management Div.
Koji Ogawa Vice President of Corporate Communications Dept., Corporate Strategy & Management Div.
Yoshikazu Fukuchi Head of Medical Affairs Div.
Masayuki Yabuta Head of Biologics Div.
Hiroyuki Okuzawa President of ASCA Company

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