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Improving Access to Medical Services

Working closely with the International NGO "Plan," Daiichi Sankyo sponsors mobile healthcare field clinics in Africa to increase access to medical services and contribute to the health and welfare of mothers and children.

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Daiichi Sankyo Image Video

In this video, we will introduce some of Daiichi Sankyo's legacy and achievements.(1m34s)
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Inspiring a New Generation of Scientists

Daiichi Sankyo employees around the world are helping students get excited about science. (4m38s)
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Daiichi Sankyo Global R&D Overview

Daiichi Sankyo R&D activities are changing the world and improving life for future generations. (2m31s)
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The Lifecycle of a Pharmaceutical Product (Part 1)

Introducing the development process of a pharmaceutical product in Japan up until it is delivered to doctors and patients.(7m29s)
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The Lifecycle of a Pharmaceutical Product (Part 2)

Introducing the continuing lifecycle of new drugs and how they are utilized by doctors and patients in Japan following their launch.(6m13s)
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