Patients’ medical needs have no borders, and neither does our challenge to serve these patients. To provide treatment and extend our business as fast as we can, we work with a global network of members across various functions and regions.

*ASCA: In-house term referring to markets outside Japan, the United States, and Europe


Sunao Manabe photo

Sunao Manabe

President and CEO of Daiichi Sankyo

Management Units

Corporate Units

Our five corporate units, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Planning & Management, Digital Transformation Management, Business Development, and Corporate Affairs support, our CEO in developing comprehensive and consistent corporate strategies and ensuring smooth management of the Daiichi Sankyo Group.

Shoji Hirashima photo

Shoji Hirashima

Head of Corporate Strategy Unit

Hiroyuki Okuzawa

Head of Corporate Planning & Management Unit (Chief Financial Officer)

Masahiko Ohtsuki photo

Masahiko Ohtsuki

Head of Digital Transformation Management Unit, CIO

Stuart Mackey

Head of Business Development Unit

Hironobu Furuta

Head of Corporate Affairs Unit, CISO

CISO: Chief Information Security Officer
CIO: Chief Information Officer

Functional Units

Our six functional units, Research & Development, Biologics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance, help formulate and execute global strategies in their specialties. Each unit determines areas to be expanded globally, guides strategic planning and execution, and improves the efficiency of business operations.

Ken Takeshita

Head of Research & Development Unit

Masayuki Yabuta

Head of Biologics Unit

Hiroto Kashiwase

Head of Pharmaceutical Technology Unit

Junichi Fukute

Head of Supply Chain Unit

Miyuki Arai

Head of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Unit

Kento Wada

Head of Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance Unit

Business Units

Our six business units are responsible for strategic planning and execution in the regions of our business operations. 

Satoru Kimura photo

Satoru Kimura

Head of Japan Business Unit

Ken Keller

Head of Oncology Business Unit
President & CEO, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Jan Van Ruymbeke

Head of EU Specialty Business Unit
Managing Director, Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH

Kiminori Nagao

Head of ASCA Business Unit
President, ASCA Company

Paul Diolosa

Head of American Regent Unit
President & CEO, American Regent, Inc. 

Katsuhiko Yoshida

Head of Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Unit
Representative Director, President
Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Co., Ltd.

General Counsel

General Counsel provides legal advice to the CEO.

Naoto Tsukaguchi

Head of Legal Affairs Department