Cultivation of Healthcare Workers in China

In July 2015, Daiichi Sankyo commenced a project targeting six townships in Guangnan County (approximately 60,000 households) in cooperation with the non-governmental organization Plan International Japan (PIJ), in the Yunnan Province of China to cultivate healthcare workers capable of contributing to better healthcare for children and mothers, as well as for providing healthcare education to local residents within the structure shown in the figure below. We are focusing on improving the health and nutrition among children aged five and under in this impoverished area. Over the project’s five-year period, we have been working to cultivate healthcare professionals through a series of IMCI* strategy training sessions while also establishing community centers to offer education for improving the ability of local residents to address pediatric diseases. We have been monitoring activities in this project through continual visits on-site and periodic reports in order to reduce risk of conflict of interest with our commercial transactions.

China-Yunnan Project implementation structure

To date, approximately 260 healthcare professionals (village doctors) have taken part in IMCI training sessions through which they have learned about how to respond to pediatric diseases and provide care to infants. Furthermore, we have established community centers in all six townships in this project through which programs for educating parents are provided. Over the past four years, approximately 14,800 local residents have taken part in these programs. In fiscal 2018, health education commenced in the community and approximately 4,500 residents have taken part in the program. These activities are also being engaged in as part of the Access Accelerated* initiative.

Progress report (January 2015 to December 2018)

Number of participants in IMCI training 257
Number of participants in IMCI refresher training 201
Number of participants in essential newborn care training 214
Number of participants in community center activities 14,783
Number of participants in community health education 4,466

See the following for initiative details.