Activity Report in India (FY2011-2016)

The state of Madhya Pradesh has one of the poorest medical care facilities in India, with high infant mortality rates and inadequate maternal healthcare. For this reason, the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh was chosen for these activities. We believe that helping to achieve the three health-related MDGs is the most suitable aspiration for us.


Ranbaxy(current Sun Pharma) manufactures pharmaceuticals in the district and the local residents have expressed a strong desire for more mobile clinic services. This led to the start of the new project. Three entities cooperate, with Daiichi Sankyo taking the overall lead, Ranbaxy(current Sun Pharma) coordinating with the government and hospitals and providing support, and RCHS executing and managing activities. Two new mobile healthcare vans are set to be added to the Dewas district to further reinforce and strengthen the medical services being provided in this area. In May 2011, several project participants visited this district located in the central region of India. The staff met with district administrators, the public hospital's chief medical officer, head of a village and accredited social health activists (ASHAs) who support the health of local residents in a variety of ways. The participants gave their views on various local issues-including the difficulty of finding doctors to work in such a remote place, water problems and the lack of hospitals and other facilities. They also spoke of their high expectations for the project and assured their cooperation in every respect.

Daiichi Sankyo Joins the Effort to Support the UN Millennium Development Goals(CSR Report 2011)

General Overview for 5 years

These activities were conducted over a five-year period beginning with fiscal 2011 during which we contributed to improvements in the rates of Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality, infants receiving vaccinations and mothers undergoing prenatal checkups.
After the end of the activity period, Sun Pharma Community Health Care Society continues to carry out these activities on its own.

MDGs Addressed Goal 4: Reduce child mortality
Goal 5: Improve maternal health
Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Activity Overview Mobile healthcare field clinics
- Basic medical services, vaccinations, pre-natal checkups
- Medical information provision and awareness raising activities
Period FY 2011-FY2016 (five year)
Partner Sun Pharma Community Health Care Society
Performance Indicators Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)
Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)
Targets (five-year) To reduce IMR by 50%
To reduce MMR by 50%
To improve health status of children up to 5 years age
To improve maternal health
To improve the health status of adolescent girls and reduce adolescent birth rate.
To promote awareness about HIV/AIDS and safe sexual behavior among the target groups and general population to prevent transmission of HIV.
To prevent and control communicable diseases (with a focus on malaria, tuberculosis) and non-communicable diseases/other prevalent diseases in the area.
Achievements Number of mobile healthcare field clinics (times) :2,665
Number of infants receiving preventative vaccinations (people) :27,470
Number of prenatal checkups (people) :2,783
Results Infant Mortality RateMaternal Mortality RateBirth RateNeonatal Mortality Rate
  • Source: Annual Health Survey (AHS) of the Government of India (2011-12)
    Survey of Sun Pharma Community Health Care Society (2016)
Other Results Improvements in the rates of mothers undergoing prenatal checkups, Malnourished Children
Improvement in Adolescent Anemia, Anemia in pregnancy, Iron folic acid
Home visit by ASHA* for pregnant mother and newborns
  • * Accredited Social Health Activist: ASHA means "Hope" in Hindi. ASHA are the official social healthcare activists who reside in the doctor less village areas in India and contribute to the improvement of medical treatment and health.

Activity Report

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