Activities in Tanzania(FY2016-2018)


We continue the mobile healthcare field clinic project in the Kilombero District. The project contributes towards achieving the third Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations, ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages.

Activity Details Provision of vaccinations, health examinations, and other basic healthcare services via mobile healthcare field clinics to children under the age of one and mothers in regions lacking sufficient access to healthcare
Services Provided Mobile healthcare field clinics (vaccinations, prenatal checkups, etc.)
Training of healthcare professionals and community healthcare workers
Awareness raising activities for communities
Goals Improvement of immunization ratio among infants less than one year old (baseline 42% → target 90%) and ratio of women who receive antenatal care (baseline 21% → target 66%)
Period 3 years (2016-2018)
Partner NGO Plan International Japan

Basic Information about Tanzania

Tanzania is a united republic made up of Tanganyika on the mainland and the islands of Zanzibar.
Aiming to reduce poverty, the country is working to grow its agricultural industry, which employs approximately 70% of its population, and improve productivity in this industry.

Areas 945,000 sq km (Approx. 2.5 times the size of Japan)
Population 51,820,000 people (2014, Source: World Bank Group)
Capital Dodoma (official capital city and location of the National Assembly)
(Dar es Salaam effectively functions as Tanzania’s central city, housing major government agencies, and is also the center of economic activity.)
Major ethnic groups Sukuma, Makonde, Chaga, Haya, and other peoples
Languages Swahili (vernacular), English (official)
Religions Muslim (approx. 40%), Christian (approx. 40%), indigenous traditions (approx. 20%)
(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

【VOICE】 Quest to Bring Smiles to the Faces of Children and Mothers

Barro Famari

I have always been proud to be able to take part in our ongoing support activities directed at African countries, and I am most pleased to have been able to start this new partnership with Daiichi Sankyo for supporting Tanzania.
This support project entails providing mobile healthcare field clinic services via specialized van. These services will be directed toward areas with limited access to healthcare, specifically isolated or impoverished areas with high rates of infant and maternal mortality. By helping make vaccinations and health examinations for infants and mothers a normal part of life, we hope to contribute to the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. I look forward to working together with Daiichi Sankyo on our quest to bring smiles to the faces of children and mothers.

Activity Report

Current Reports  
The Second report (April 17, 2019)
The first report (March 31, 2017)