Daiichi Sankyo’s Value Creation Process

Daiichi Sankyo receives a variety of requests from society, including providing a stable supply of top-quality pharmaceutical products, addressing unmet medical needs, and improving access to pharmaceuticals. Utilizing company resources such as financial, intellectual, and human capital, and leveraging our unique strengths in Science and Technology, Global Organization & Talent and Presence in Japan, the foundation of Daiichi Sankyo’s value creation process is realized by creating values and delivering those values to the society through business activities that create and deliver innovative pharmaceuticals that revolutionize the SOC*. We also work to integrate addressing issues on sustainability, including societal and environmental issues into our everyday endeavors. These CSR activities also create and deliver values to society. As such, Daiichi Sankyo will continue making efforts to deliver results generated through our value creation process to patients and their families, healthcare professionals, shareholders, investors, business partners, employees and local communities in a balanced manner. We expect this cycle of creating values will contribute to the sustainable improvement of our corporate value.

  • * Standard of Care. Universally applied best treatment practice in today’s medical science

Business and CSR Activities Pursuing Sustainable Improvement for Corporate Value