Local Social Contribution Activities

Action as a Good Corporate Citizen

Daiichi Sankyo’s social contribution activities provide people with hope through its contributions to society as well as scientific endeavors. Our policies encourage employee voluntarism and engagement in collaborative programs and foster the shift from mere funding to participating in worthwhile programs. Based on these sentiments, the Group has formulated the Basic Policies on Group Social Contribution Activities, which guide initiatives worldwide for contributing to the advancement of science and research (medical and pharmaceutical) as well as initiatives related to the preservation of the environment.

The society we live in supports our business in many ways. In turn, as a responsible corporate citizen, Daiichi Sankyo is engaged in various activities to give support back to our society by helping to address social issues and challenges. We consider our activities to promote social contributions as a type of responsibility to society for the support it provides to our business, and we continue to identify the activities on which we focus from among relevant social issues and challenges. To advance initiatives, we emphasize collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, such as NPOs, NGOs, local volunteer groups, government organizations, and public sector institutions. In addition, we are working to create an environment and provide opportunities that support employees’ participation in volunteer activities.