Our Mission


Contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world


Create innovative pharmaceuticals addressing diverse medical needs

2030 Vision

Innovative Global Healthcare Company Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Society

To realize our “Purpose,” the DS group of companies aims to address the social issues that we are expected by society to solve through our business activities, such as the creation of innovative pharmaceuticals and efforts for achieving the SDGs. We challenge ourselves to continuously provide innovative solutions based on our strength: Science & Technology

Core Values and Core Behaviors

In alignment with our Purpose, we have identified "Core Values and Core Behaviors" as the basis for an attitude of cooperation and proper value judgments and as the criteria for our business activities and decision making. In addition, we have established the Daiichi Sankyo Group Corporate Conduct Charter* to act with the highest ethical standards and a good social conscience appropriate for a company engaged in a business that affects human lives.

Each member of DAIICHI SANKYO should look back to the Core Values and Core Behaviors before embarking on a course of action.

Core Values

  • Innovation

    The introduction of new ideas, methods, or inventions

  • Integrity

    The quality of being honest and of always having high moral principles

  • Accountability

    Being responsible for the effects of your actions and being willing to explain or be criticized for them

Core Behaviors

  • Be inclusive & Embrace Diversity
  • Collaborate & Trust
  • Develop & Grow

Areas of Focus

  • Valuing people for who they are as individuals and welcoming diverse perspectives which enables us to achieve more
  • Treating each other with respect and building trust through transparency and a willingness to listen which enables us to collaborate simply and productively
  • Learning, experimenting and taking initiative which enables us to grow together every day to strengthen Daiichi Sankyo’s capability