Daiichi Sankyo Group IR Disclosure Policy

Daiichi Sankyo will provide shareholders and investors with our corporate information in compliance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Laws and Timely Disclosure Rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in a transparent, fair and continuous manner. We will endeavor to disclose information that Daiichi Sankyo considers useful for understanding the company in a timely and proactive manner.We will respond to questions and interviews related to corporate strategy and previously disclosed information in a proactive manner.However, to ensure fairness of disclosure, we will refrain from answering questions or responding to interviews related to yet-to-be-disclosed information about the current fiscal year, or regarding quantitative or non-performance information from which results may be presumed.

IR Disclosure methods

Daiichi Sankyo will disclose corporate information in accordance with Timely Disclosure Rules via the Tokyo Stock Exchange Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) and other means. In accordance with Timely Disclosure Rules, we will disclose information useful for understanding the company through means like news release. Disclosed information will be posted on our corporate website in an expeditious manner.

Forward-Looking Statements

Management strategies and plans, financial forecasts, future projections and policies, and R&D information that Daiichi Sankyo discloses are all classified as “Daiichi Sankyo's future prospects”. These forward looking statements were determined by Daiichi Sankyo based on information obtained as of today with certain assumptions, premises and future forecasts, and thus, there are various inherent risks as well as uncertainties involved. As such, please note that actual results of Daiichi Sankyo may diverge materially from Daiichi Sankyo's outlook or the content of this material.