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Daiichi Sankyo Announces Organizational Restructuring as of April 1, 2013

Tokyo, Japan (March 4, 2013) – Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter; Daiichi Sankyo), today announced the following organizational changes taking place from April 1, 2013.



I. Japan Company

1)      Business Intelligence Division

(1)    Name change and functional enhancement of Medicinal Affairs Department

This department, which has carried out the function of the Post Marketing Studies Management Department, will support physician-led clinical trials, publication and other types of information generation in addition to information management of unapproved drugs, while taking on the new name.

II. R&D Division

1)      Creation of Biologics Oversight Function

In order to raise the level of biopharmaceutical research, the Biologics Oversight Function will be created integrating biopharmaceutical functions dispersed throughout the research centers.

2)      Creation of Biologics Pharmacology Research Laboratories and New Modality Research Laboratories

Within the Biologics Oversight Function, the Biologics Pharmacology Research Laboratories will be created for target based drug discovery and pharmacological evaluation of next generation biopharmaceuticals. The New Modality Research Laboratories will be created mainly for the formulation of basic technologies for discovery and optimization of drug candidates. The function of the Pharmaceutical Technology Division will also be transferred to the Biologics Technology Research Laboratories. With this overhaul, the Biologics Research Laboratories will be phased out.

3)      Creation of Medicinal Chemistry Research Laboratories

As part of our effort to strengthen the drug discovery research capability, we will create the Medicinal Chemistry Research Laboratories to integrate Lead Discovery Research Laboratories I and Lead Discovery Research Laboratories II, which currently function to improve production of innovative small molecule drugs for each disease area. With this overhaul, Lead Discovery Research Laboratories I and Lead Discovery Research Laboratories II will be phased out.

4)      Creation of Clinical Planning Department and Clinical Execution Department

Clinical Development Departments I and II will be reorganized into the Clinical Planning Department which will serve the function of domestic development planning in coordination with global development teams. The Clinical Execution Department will be created to facilitate the speedy assignment of personnel necessary for drug development projects. With this overhaul, Clinical Development Departments I and II will be phased out.

5)      Creation of Venture Science Laboratories

As part of the effort to increase drug discovery research capabilities, the Venture Science Laboratories will be created as an internal venture-like research organization.

III. Quality and Safety Management Division

1)      Functional enhancement of Pharmacovigilance Department

In order to clarify the department’s function of providing consistent administration of safety from development to post-marketing in the execution of risk management plans for pharmaceuticals, the Pharmacovigilance Department will be reorganized.



1)      Creation of Sales & Marketing Division

The Sales & Marketing Division will be created above each sales department, which were previously under the direct supervision of the company president. The new department will administer the sales departments to enhance organizational strength and boost coordination.

2)      Functional enhancement of Corporate Management Department

The Product Planning Department will be created through the reorganization of the existing Corporate Management Department to enhance collaboration with Ranbaxy and product planning and a reorganized Corporate Management Department will be created to carry out the corporate administration function. With this overhaul, the previously structured Corporate Management Department will be phased out.

3)      Restructuring of East Japan Sales Promotion Department and West Japan Promotion Department under the Sales & Marketing Division

The East Japan Sales Promotion Department and the West Japan Promotion Department will come under the administration of the Sales & Marketing Division.



1)      Functional enhancement of Sales Division

In order to speed up decision making in relation to drug category and brand strategy, the Marketing Department will be administered directly by the company president rather than the Sales Division.