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Daiichi Sankyo Launches Measles and Rubella Vaccine “Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo” in Japan

TOKYO, Japan (May 24, 2011)- Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter, Daiichi Sankyo) today launched its measles and rubella vaccine, Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo (standard name: freeze-dried live attenuated measles and rubella combined vaccine), in Japan.


This vaccine is a combination of the live measles vaccine, Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo (AIK-C strain), and a freeze-dried live attenuated rubella vaccine (Takahashi strain). There are no effective treatments for measles or rubella and vaccination is the only way to prevent infection. Because of the convenience this vaccine offers in preventing measles and rubella through one injection, and consequently the small physical burden on young children, Daiichi Sankyo expects immunization rates to increase.


The Daiichi Sankyo Group strives to meet vaccine needs through a supply of drugs to improve public hygiene and bolster immunization initiatives in order to contribute to a healthy society.


Product Overview

 Launch date: May 24, 2011

 Product name

 Measles and rubella vaccine Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo

 Biological product

 Standard name

 Freeze-dried live attenuated measles and rubella combined vaccine

 (AIK-C strain, Takahashi strain)


 Prevention of measles and rubella


 Dissolve in 0.7 ml of packaged solvent (water for injection), administer subcutaneous injection of 0.5 ml

 Manufacture and sales

 Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo Vaccine Co., Ltd.


 Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd.