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National Cancer Center
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Daiichi Sankyo and the National Cancer Center Form Comprehensive Research Alliance

Tokyo, Japan (May 22, 2012) – The National Cancer Center (Chief Director: Dr. Tomomitsu Hotta) and Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter, Daiichi Sankyo; President & Representative Director: Joji Nakayama) have agreed to form a comprehensive research alliance to collaborate on the creation of superior anticancer agents utilizing the research capabilities of both organizations.


This agreement is designed to integrate the high-level cancer research technology and clinical experience of the National Cancer Center with the advanced research capability and drug discovery capabilities of Daiichi Sankyo to contribute to overcoming cancer and promote public health through the development of superior anticancer agents.


Through the comprehensive collaborative relationship created as a result of this agreement, the acceleration of joint research will be made possible. The National Cancer Center will present Daiichi Sankyo with research results in line with Daiichi Sankyo’s research and drug discovery policy and promote “Exploratory Research for Drug Target Identification or “Early Drug Discovery Research”. “Exploratory Research for Drug Target Identification” will include exploration, identification, and evaluation of drug targets. For “Early Drug Discovery Research”, Daiichi Sankyo will work to acquire drug candidate compounds and antibodies through high-throughput screening.


The National Cancer Center was established in 1962 and is Japan’s leading medical institute for cancer treatment and research. With a half century of activities related to the fight against cancer behind it, the Center possesses an abundant amount of accumulated research data that could assist in drug discovery. At the same time, Daiichi Sankyo has positioned oncology as a core therapeutic area into which substantial resources will be applied, not only for the purpose of its own research but to enable vigorous joint research and development with a variety of partners.


The National Cancer Center and Daiichi Sankyo have conducted joint research on number of themes in the past. This agreement is expected to further promote joint research by building an even closer relationship between the two organizations, and a joint meeting was held in April where representatives from The National Cancer Center and Daiichi Sankyo exchanged ideas and discussed strategy and future direction.


Utilizing their significant research and operational capabilities, The National Cancer Center and Daiichi Sankyo share a single mission of providing superior anticancer agents to patients as fast as possible. This agreement strengthens collaboration between both organizations, and we believe it will greatly advance research of promising anticancer agents.



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