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Updates on Toansa and Dewas plants of Ranbaxy

Tokyo, Japan (February25, 2014)– Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter; Daiichi Sankyo), today announced that its consolidated subsidiary, Ranbaxy Laboratories, has announced that it has temporarily suspended shipments of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) produced at its Toansa and Dewas plants in India.


Ranbaxy announced on January 24 that API shipments from the Toansa plant to the United States were suspended. Additionally, Ranbaxy has now voluntarily suspended all API shipments from both the Toansa and Dewas plants in order to allow for further evaluation and inspection of manufacturing processes and quality control systems. The temporarily suspended shipments will be resumed once the processes and controls at these facilities are reconfirmed based on internal evaluations and inspections. Ranbaxy has also announced that a Quality and Integrity Committee, established as a sub-committee of the Ranbaxy Corporate Board of Directors in order to improve corporate governance, has been in operation from early February 2014. 


Daiichi Sankyo would like to apologize to all its stakeholders for the inconvenience caused by the further suspension of API shipments this time. As Ranbaxy is one of our most important affiliates in the Group, Daiichi Sankyo is committed to continuing to offer full support for Ranbaxy to improve quality standards.


Additional information regarding next steps and the effect on Daiichi Sankyo’s consolidated results will be announced once additional details are known.