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13th Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Prize Winner Announced

Tokyo, Japan (July 1, 2015) – Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited today announced that its affiliated foundation, the Daiichi Sankyo Foundation of Life Science* (headquarters, Tokyo; Chairman, Joji Nakayama) has awarded its 13th Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Prize to Hidenori Ichijo, Professor, Tokyo University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Prize was established in November 2003 as part of the Foundation’s 20th anniversary and in memory of the research work of Dr. Jokichi Takamine, the first president (March 1913– July 1922) of what was then Sankyo Co., Ltd. Each year, the Foundation presents this prize to an active researcher who is achieving remarkable feats in the progress and development of the life sciences, particularly in basic research for fields relating to the prevention and cure of disease as well as research with clear clinical applications.


*Since its establishment in 1983, the Daiichi Sankyo Foundation of Life Sciences has provided support for innovative research in the life sciences. The Foundation also sponsors international symposia and supports exchange programs that allow foreign academics to visit Japan and Japanese researchers to complete short terms of work overseas.