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Daiichi Sankyo Announces Change in Principal Shareholders

Tokyo, Japan (August 7, 2018) - Daiichi Sankyo today announced that there was the following change in its principal shareholders.


1. Specifics of the change

The change was confirmed through a large shareholding report (Change report No. 3) dated August 7, 2018, which was submitted to the Director of the Kanto Finance Bureau by the shareholder named below.


2. Details of shareholder becoming principal shareholder

(1) Name

Capital Research and Management Company

(2) Address

333 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071, U.S.A)

(3) Title of representative

Senior Vice President

(4) Name of representative

Michael J. Downer

(5) Nature of business

Investment adviser


3. “Number of voting rights (No. of shares held)” held by respective shareholder and percentage of voting rights held by all shareholders, before and after change.



No. of voting rights

(No. of shares held)

Percentage of voting rights held by all shareholders

Principal shareholder


Before change

(As of February 15, 2018)





After change

(As of August 7, 2018)






Note 1. The number of voting rights held by the respective shareholder before the change is based on the submitted large shareholding report dated February 22, 2018, (Change Report No. 2) while the number after the change is based on the number of shares indicated in the submitted large shareholding report dated August 7, 2018 (Change Report No. 3). Daiichi Sankyo has not been able to confirm the actual number of shares and voting rights in the name of the respective shareholder.


Note 2. In calculating the percentage of all shareholder voting rights, the number of own shares held by Daiichi Sankyo (62,143,545), have been deducted from the total number of issued shares (709,011,343) as of March 31, 2018.


4. Effect of change

The change in principal shareholders will have no effect on Daiichi Sankyo’s business results.