1. Oncology

We prioritize the allocation of research and development resources to the field of oncology, an area in which global issues regarding access to healthcare are faced in both developed and developing countries.

About the Daiichi Sankyo Oncololgy Portfolio

Our Pipeline including 3ADCs and Alpha

2. Combating Rare Diseases

We tackle rare diseases and preventive medicine which are global issues.

Continued Initiatives Targeting Rare Diseases

3. Partnership Initiatives

In order to make effective use of our resources, we will advance research and development ventures with an aim to engage in partnerships with various public- and private-sector entities.

Partnership Initiatives

4. Open Innovation

We have been focusing on open innovation activities and have taken many approaches for the expansion of external networks for creating new drugs and securing various innovation sources, such as collaborative research, sharing compound libraries and funding.

Open Innovation

5. Scholarships for Contributing to the Advancement of Medicine and Pharmacology

We provide scholarships aimed particularly at supporting research that contributes to the advancement of medicine and pharmacology in accordance with strict procedures.

Scholarships for Contributing to the Advancement of Medicine and Pharmacology

6. Disclosure of Clinical Trials

We recognize that it is important to properly disclose clinical trials as a sponsor to a wide range of stakeholders in accordance with regulations and guidelines of each country/industry association. Accordingly, we practice proactive information disclosure. Furthermore, it is also important to share clinical trial data with researchers outside the company to deepen their understanding of medicines and to disseminate scientific knowledge, which will lead to the development of medical care for patients.

Clinical Trial Information Disclosure