Daiichi Sankyo Group offers a variety of support programs to encourage the healthy development of youth.

Expanding the Interest of youth in Science with Local Communities

Through communication, exchange with researchers, and helping to conduct experiments, we are seeking to expose the younger generation to the fun and wonder of science. We are carrying out these types of activities to raise awareness of young people towards “science” and “medicine” in the areas where our office is located.

Community Contributions through Education about Pharmacology for Junior- and Senior-High School Students

The Hiratsuka Plant held a tour of its research facilities for junior-high school students. A total of 20 students from one junior-high school in Hiratsuka City participated in the fiscal 2019 tour, the sixth such tour. The program consisted of a tour of the research facilities, an experiment conducted together with researchers in the Pharmaceutical Technology Division, and a discussion forum with researchers. One student who participated in the tour remarked that he would like to use this precious experience as an opportunity to think about the future, and another said that much attentions were paid for not only patients but also healthcare professionals.
There was also a remark stating that the program provided an opportunity to understand that drugs are filled with an incredible amount of thoughts. In addition, their teacher expressed gratitude, saying that the students could learn many things that cannot be taught in school, which was a great compliment to us. The event also served as a valuable opportunity for researchers to make new discoveries.

Grand Contest on Chemistry for High School Students

In October 2019, the 16th Grand Contest on Chemistry for High School Students was held at Osaka City University. Daiichi Sankyo endorses the ideals of the contest and awards “Daiichi Sankyo Prize” to excellent research presentations on life science-related themes as a company supporting the contest. This year, we awarded the prize to Seirei Senior High School in Akita city which presented a study titled the Mystery of Bismuth Crystals Shining in Your Favorite Colors. Going forward, we will continue to support young researchers who take on challenges toward the future.

Presentation of the “Daiichi Sankyo Prize”

Specialized Seminars for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

In October 2019, we launched a practical training course in Taiwan for students in the pharmaceutical faculties of seven universities. This course provides the students with an opportunity to exchange views on how to contribute to patients and to understand the significance and value of pharmaceutical company business through case studies and other activities. In Japan, we offer free seminars, led by researchers, on the development of pharmaceuticals and the use of expertise, among others, to students studying the organic chemical industry at several universities to enhance their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

Commemorative photo of pharmaceutical faculty students who participated in the practical training course in Taiwan