Our Approach to Sustainability

Sunao Manabe
Representative Director
Executive Chairperson and CEO

Our Group’s Purpose is to “Contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world.” To realize this Purpose, we set our Mission to “create innovative pharmaceuticals addressing diverse medical needs,” and have defined our Purpose and Mission as our Corporate Mission. The driving force behind the realization of Purpose is the enthusiasm of all Group employees to help patients suffering from illnesses by creating new pharmaceutical products with our strengths in Science & Technology. We aim to be a company that continues to take on the challenge of providing innovative solutions as well as solving the social issues such as creating innovative pharmaceuticals and contributing to SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) toward the realization of our 2030 Vision “Innovative Global Healthcare Company Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Society”

The world is now facing a variety of challenges, including climate change and the intensification of disasters, as well as geopolitical risks, human rights abuses caused by widening disparities and social divisions. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed society and our lives, and has made us rethink the challenges for the sustainable development of society.
In order to continue to leverage our strengths and meet the expectations of society, it is essential to take an ESG approach to accurately grasp new social issues and changes in the external environment, including the social environment, and incorporate them into our management strategies. We aim to be a global healthcare company that incorporates ESG perspectives into our management, promotes them integrated with our business, and delivers the innovations we have created to the world.

In our current 5-year business plan, we clearly stated our commitment to promote ESG management. The ESG management of the Daiichi Sankyo Group involves management based on a long-term perspective that enhances both financial and non-financial value by reflecting ESG elements in business strategies. We believe that this long-term focused management will lead to sustainable growth of both our company and society. We have identified material issues that must be addressed to achieve sustainable growth as "materiality" and been promoting initiatives that lead to sustainable development of society and business opportunities, such as the creation of innovative pharmaceuticals and improvement of access to healthcare. In addition to the promotion of environmental management and compliance management, we are also working to promote the success and development of a diverse range of people who crates our competitive advantages, which is the source of our strengths. We believe that the pipeline of innovative pharmaceuticals and the value we contribute to our shareholders & investors, employees, and other stakeholders, as well as society and the natural environment, which are created through these efforts, will lead to non-financial value, and we will further promote ESG management in order to enhance mid-to-long-term corporate value.

We, the Daiichi Sankyo Group, will realize our Purpose and Vision by growing our business and solving social issues through the new value creation.