Global I&D Statement

The Daiichi Sankyo Group defines diversity as a broad range of diversity that includes not only nationality, race, gender, age, and other attributes, but also different expertise, perspectives, values, religions, and lifestyles by occupation. We believe that by proactively embracing individual diversity among all employees in the Daiichi Sankyo Group, we will be able to maximize our abilities, leading to global business development and creating innovation. We are working to create a culture of mutual respect among employees from both global and domestic perspectives based on this belief. We are globally promoting "practice of Core Behavior to foster One DS Culture," which is included in the strategic pillars of the 5-Year Business Plan. One of the Group’s three core behaviors is "Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity” (The Group values each employee as an individual and actively embraces diverse perspectives in the course of our work to achieve our greater goals) In March 2022, we internally announced our "Global I&D Statement" to all employees to promote “Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity” throughout the Daiichi Sankyo Group as the practice of this Core Behavior, Promoting “Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity” leads to higher employee engagement and enables us to contribute to our various stakeholders, including patients, and to the diverse countries, regions, and communities in which we live and work. To realize this, we have established "Our Focus" in the Global I&D Statement.

"Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity"

We value people for who they are as individuals, and welcome diverse perspectives in our work, which enables us to achieve more as Daiichi Sankyo

We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and embracing the diversity of all, which enables our employees to realize their full potential in the workplace and create innovative treatments that impact our patients around the world.

Our Focus

Respect and appreciate people with diverse backgrounds and strive to create a working environment where everyone feels safe, heard, and valued, building a sense of belonging.  Encourage inclusive and diverse thinking and actions through the active collaboration across the global organization. Ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability or other dimensions of diversity. 

Understanding and caring for the people you work with can make a big difference in the way employees work and perform. We believe that a culture that respects each individual will become a source of power and increase opportunities for innovation. We take a broad definition of diversity which includes not only nationality, gender, age and other personal attributes, but also the different specialties and approaches required for each job as well as differences in values and lifestyle. We understand that crucial aspect for developing global businesses and creating innovation is that all employees actively accept each other’s diversity and exhibit their abilities to the greatest extent possible. As such, we engage in initiatives to foster a culture of mutual respect among employees. We also take initiatives to develop a workplace environment that enables employees to balance their work with childbirth, parenting, nursing care of family members, and other life events, while continuing to do meaningful work.

Signing of Statement of Support for the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

In December 2016, former CEO of Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd., George Nakayama, signed a Statement of Support for the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Established through joint efforts between the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the WEPs are a set of principles for guiding companies, like Daiichi Sankyo Company, to implement voluntary measures for empowering female employees. The decision to endorse the WEPs is a testament to Nakayama's commitment to helping realize the necessary workplace environment and social climate to empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. We will proceed to follow the seven principles to enhance our initiatives for promoting the active participation of women in corporate activities.


With more than 16,000 employees with diverse backgrounds all around the world, Daiichi Sankyo has over 13 active Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). At Daiichi Sankyo, we seek to cultivate a workplace where all our employees can be fully engaged and feel supported. ERGs are employer-recognized groups that promote Daiichi Sankyo's inclusion and diversity efforts and allow for networking, mentorship, and other opportunities for professional and personal development. ERGs serve to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace through internal programs, employee engagement, and community building, and they are led by employees and allies who share mutual interests or life experiences. ERGs are one of the fundamental pillars in our I&D strategy. Our ERGs include:


Women in STEM
SWAN (Female Managers Network in Japan)
Gender Leader Power
Women's Forum

EDGE (Ethnically Diverse Group of Employees)
BELIEVE (Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Excellence, Vision& Empowerment)
People with disabilities
Pessoas com deficiência
Military Service


Global I&D Team

As a global organization, we are committed to an inclusive and diverse culture. The purpose of this global work team is to help shape our culture by sharing best practices, influence the global I&D strategy and collaborating on global initiatives. Our aim is to stimulate dialogue, understand and lead in this space in all the countries where we operate, so that we can tailor our approach to be locally meaningful. The team works as I&D ambassadors to raise awareness of I&D within and outside the Daiichi Sankyo Group.
Our current activities include monthly meetings to share best practices and exchange ideas for collaboration in preparation for events such as PRIDE Month etc.

LGBTQ+ (Pride Month Video)

In FY2022, the Global I&D team produced a video that featured our global leaders sharing their perspectives on inclusion and diversity, the importance of our efforts in I&D at Daiichi Sankyo Group and the significance of Pride Month.
During June, which is Pride Month, we commemorate the progress that has been made for equal justice under the law for the LGTBQ+ community, while acknowledging that there is more work to be done to raise awareness and encourage inclusiveness. As a global company made up of a myriad of diverse cultures and countries, we can make a difference by creating an environment where we can all bring our authentic selves to work. One of our core behaviors is to “Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity,” which means we value people for who we all are as individuals and embrace diverse perspectives.
We at Daiichi Sankyo all over the world encourage our employees to stay curious, learn, grow, and celebrate different perspectives today and every day.

The video is available here:
Daiichi Sankyo is Proud to Recognize Pride Month Our Stories

Fair Remuneration

At the Daiichi Sankyo group of companies, we consider our people our most important asset, and express our foundational principles of HR management in our “Daiichi Sankyo Group HR Management Philosophy.” Through this policy, we aim to foster a culture in which performance targets are achieved through high employee engagement and contribution. Accordingly, compensation is merit-based, determined at the individual employee level, and applies equally to every employee  based on each employee’s job position and achievement in our personnel system.

Support for a Common Global Way of Working _ “Global Work Style”

The Daiichi Sankyo Group of companies is promoting work style reforms tailored to the circumstances of each country and unit with the aim of improving productivity and engagement. Recently, in light of the increasing opportunities for communication and meetings across countries and regions, a project called "Global Work Style," which aims to share information, identify issues, and solve problems related to global work styles, has been launched in the fourth quarter of FY2021, led by HR departments in Japan, the United States, Europe, Asia, and South & Central America regions. The project began in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.
As part of this project, in April 2022, we established the "DS Global Meeting Guideline", a set of guidelines for global meetings, to reduce the burden caused by culture, language, work habits, and time differences, and to promote productivity. In addition, in October 2022, based on opinions received through a global engagement survey (One DS Voice) (regarding work-life balance, meeting style, etc.), various surveys, and the results of trial-and-error efforts to reform work styles at each unit, we formulated the "DS Global Meeting Measures," a set of common global meeting rules, which is now in effect.
"DS Global Meeting Measures" is a new approach for us. We seek to continuously improve and learn and hence we will plan to adjust, adapt, and expand these measures over time based on employee feedback, various survey results, and evaluations.
The Daiichi Sankyo Group is actively promoting a comfortable work environment that enables employees to maintain their wellbeing and continue to conduct our business with a high level of productivity. This environment is critical in order for us to realize our Purpose, to "Contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world.”

Outline of DS Global Meeting Guideline/DS Global Meeting Measures

Promoting I&D in Each Region

At Daiichi Sankyo, we have over 25 companies dispersed across many countries and regions. Together as a global team we strive to inspire inclusion and diversity around the world, but also each region has its own initiatives. The regional I&D initiatives are shared and updated through several webpages including corporate website, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets.

Support for Diverse Work Styles and Work Hour Management

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