Recruitment Policies

At all locations, we carry out recruitment activities with the aim of acquiring strong-willed and passionate individuals who are willing to bravely take on challenges in order to contribute towards the health of people around the world. In order to deepen the understanding of people seeking to work with Daiichi Sankyo Group in Japan, we have established a dedicated website for recruitment activities. This website publishes information that allows visitors to learn about a wide range of aspects in the entire pharmaceutical industry, in addition to information about the Company and the types of occupation available.

Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. recruitment website for newly graduating students

When screening both newly graduating students and experienced employees, we hold multiple individual interviews and other examinations to carefully observe the intrinsic qualities of each person in addition to their expertise and skills. In this way, we engage in initiatives to recruit human resources that will support the future of the Daiichi Sankyo Group.

Recruitment Activities in Japan

We engage in initiatives within our recruitment activities with a focus on providing students with education about careers.
In Japan, we conduct career education programs five times a year, with the aim of providing work experience opportunities for students before they begin their job search activities. We also actively accept requests to conduct lectures at on-campus career instruction seminars held by universities (about five times a year). Through these activities, we also support the career education of students in lower years.

Human Resources Development Policies

The Daiichi Sankyo Group's fundamental practice is to help our employees grow through their work to become talented individuals that the Group member companies need, by utilizing all measures in human resources related to the development of talent, including personnel transfers, evaluation, and training. We also encourage individuals who voluntarily undertake new challenges, and who aim to enhance their skills through autonomous action. We aim to develop the careers of each and every employee through OJT, while linking these activities to dedicated self-study and different kinds of training.

The Daiichi Sankyo Group's Human Resources Development Policies in Japan

Development of Entry- and Mid-level Employees in DS Group in Japan

We provide rank-based training for entry- and mid-level employees to help them take an independent stance regarding behavioral changes that accompany changes in roles as well as to take ownership of their own growth and career development. At the same time, we select candidates for executive management and give them opportunities to develop through internal and external training, and to take on new challenges including personnel transfers or placements based on their abilities. In this way, we help these candidates acquire the practical knowledge and experience that are essential to grow as a leader in the organization.

The Daiichi Sankyo Group in Japan Education and Training System

Training for selected junior employees is exclusive to DS employees

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Cultivation of Line Managers (Organization Heads)

Line managers in Japan complete a training program where they can engage in an ongoing cycle of exercising and improving their skills for a period of time after they have been appointed. The aim of these efforts is “to create an organization that develops individuals capable of consistently providing excellent results, while independently adapting to a changing environment.” We also provide opportunities for managers who need further improvement to acquire management skills according to their needs, thereby continually encouraging employees to grow and continually enhancing the strength of the organization.

Self-Development among Employees in Japan

Daiichi Sankyo encourages employees to voluntarily pursue skill development so that they can acquire the necessary skills and undertake new challenges. Accordingly, we provide access to an assortment of programs to support the self-development of employees (including correspondence courses, internal and external seminars, and online language schools) in order to aid employees in enhancing their skills. As a prerequisite for this, we have created a system for employees to view the experience, knowledge and skills expected in various internal positions. By letting employees see the requirements needed for their desired careers, we are building an environment that motivates them to improve.

Create Our Future (COF) Project

In order to realize our 2025 Vision of becoming a "Global Pharma Innovator with competitive advantage in oncology," we are promoting the Create Our Future (COF) Project, which has a basic policy of maximizing the development of internal human resources in Japan.
In this project, we focused on assigning personnel in the strengthened areas defined in the 5-year business plan. We also provide employees with the information needed to make career choices, so that they can think about developing their own careers and continue to grow together with the Company.
Specifically, we publish information on our internal portal site such as the work details and required experience and skills of all Group departments, as well as conceptual career paths for each job position. Through these initiatives, we foster an independent awareness among employees about career development, and we promote each and every individual to undertake new challenges and develop through their work.

Group Talent Management

Daiichi Sankyo values that optimal talents lead the organization, and actively recruit and promote global talents with a wide range of experience from inside and outside the company. In addition, we address Group Talent Management with a primary focus on developing next-generation leaders for continuous production of quality leaders.

Active Recruitment of Global Talents

While keeping in mind that diversity is the source of organizational learning and competitive advantage, our group member companies actively address recruiting activities by utilizing internal and external network in order to secure optimal talents. Currently, we recruit excellent global talents in R&D, marketing and other areas especially on oncology field in order to realize our vision of becoming a "Global Pharma Innovator with competitive advantage in oncology." In the selection process, in addition to the candidates' work experience, members from different regions review them with the competencies such as “Embrace Change”, “Intercultural Competency”, “Respecting People and Values” that are all critical to lead our global organizations.

Initiatives for Developing Next-Generation Leaders

We have identified global key positions that are vital for achieving our vision/mid-term business management plan (22 positions as of April 2019). By visualizing successor candidates and their development goals, Daiichi Sankyo effectively promotes leadership development measures tailored to employees’ individual challenges, and offers training programs, opportunities, and positions that allow for their further growth. In this way, Daiichi Sankyo strives to secure and retain optimal talents. We have also been actively carrying out international assignment and overseas study programs to allow future leaders to expand their horizons and understand the business globally. As of April 2019, around 95 individuals have participated in these initiatives.
We are organizing systems for developing next-generation leaders in each region, including Japan, the U.S., Europe, and ASCA.*1 For example, in the ASCA region, we select candidates for next-generation leaders from each country, and hold joint training sessions at our Headquarters in Japan. Participants boost and develop their leadership capabilities by discussing and exchanging opinions on how to expand and grow in emerging markets.
To ensure these initiatives are carried out, HR representatives from Japan, the U.S., Europe and ASCA region have regular meeting in order to discuss and share the progress of common global initiatives as well as regional initiatives.

*1Asia, South & Central America

Promoting the “Work-Life Cycle”

Instead of initiatives aimed at only balancing work and personal life, Daiichi Sankyo group companies in Japan advocate an idea we call the “Work-Life Cycle,” which entails work and personal life influencing one another and creating a cycle of positive synergy. We deepen awareness of this concept through training programs and the development of related materials, which have been created in collaboration with labor and management.
Our Work-Life Cycle initiatives do not simply consist of the option for flexible or reduced work hours or providing a robust benefits plan; our initiatives create new values based on the concept of continuously developing both employees and the Company.