Waste Reduction Targets and Performance

The Daiichi Sankyo Group defines zero emissions as the final disposal rate representing less than 1% of the total amount of waste.

At our plants and research centers, the Group has established waste reduction and more efficient use of resources as important issues. Consequently, we seek to save resources through efforts such as the streamlining of resources used in manufacturing and packaging processes, the comprehensive separation of unnecessary and waste materials, the reduction of the total volume of unnecessary and waste material, and resource recycling. Whenever possible, the Group chooses waste disposal firms that recycle thoroughly. We continued to promote our resource recycling policy in fiscal 2019, and the recycling rate (the percentage of the amount recycled from the total amount of waste generated) increased from 27.8% to 35.9%. This is due to an increase in the production of products that generate byproducts that can be recycled.

At each office, we promote the thorough separation of trash, double-sided printing of office paper, paperless operations and other measures. At the G20 Osaka summit held in June 2019, plastic waste was discussed as one of the most important topics. We are addressing the plastic waste issue by changing materials for packaging and handouts, such as briefing materials and employee mobile cards.

The total amount of waste generated in fiscal 2019 decreased by 512 tons which was effectively almost at the same level as the fiscal 2018. The final disposal volume decreased by 25 tons, also the Group maintained its zero emission with a final disposal rate of 0.29%.

Total Waste Generation and Disposal (Group in Japan)

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Final Disposal Volume and Rate (Group in Japan)

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Recycled Waste and Recycling Rates (Group in Japan)

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Waste Generated, Recycled Waste, and Final Disposal Volume (Entire Group)

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Promotion of Waste Compliance

Based on the 5-Year Business Plan, our environmental auditing at plants, research facilities, offices, and other operation sites focuses on verifying the level of compliance with the Waste Disposal Act as part of our efforts to prevent inappropriate waste disposal. In addition, each operation site regularly implements on-site inspections for waste management contractors (in terms of their level of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, contract implementation, permits and licenses, actual waste disposal operations, etc.).

All operation sites of domestic Group companies have introduced electronic manifests since fiscal 2016 with the goal of reducing risks pertaining to waste disposal.

Efforts to Reduce Waste

Reduction of office paper use

We promoted our efforts such as promoting double-sided printing and N-up printing, reducing distributions of printed documents (promoting paperless operations by using personal computers and projectors), putting up posters to encourage reductions in printing, and using IC card authentication to prevent printing errors. As a result, the amount of office paper used in fiscal 2019 was 432 million sheets, a 15.4% decrease from fiscal 2018, and we are continuously promoting effective use of office paper.

Promotion of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

Promotion of reuse within the office

We promote reuse of stationery by placing “stationery collecting trays” at the Headquarters area, the Shinagawa R&D Center, and the Kasai R&D Center. Both R&D centers collect not only stationeries but also reusable devices and equipment, and display them in the “Exhibition Room for Reuse” to encourage recycling. In addition to proactively making announcements on the new lineup of goods for exhibition, the R&D centers share and exchange their lineups.

Reuse of recovered organic solvents

At the Odawara Plant of Daiichi Sankyo Chemical Pharma Co., Ltd., we reuse collected organic solvents in manufacturing processes within the company after purifying them through an external contractor.

Promotion of recycling

At the Hiratsuka Plant of Daiichi Sankyo Propharma Co., Ltd., we recycle work clothes and latex gloves used in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing process.