Expansion of Access to Investigational Drugs

There are cases in which pre-approval pharmaceuticals are used in clinical settings to treat diseases that greatly impact patient lives and for which existing treatment methods are ineffective. In these cases, we weigh the risks and benefits and will provide access to these pre-approval pharmaceuticals granted that the development of the pharmaceuticals in question will not be adversely impacted by this act.

Expansion of Access to Investigational Drugs

Patents in Countries and Regions Where Access to Healthcare is Insufficient

We prioritize improvement of access to healthcare so that we are flexible in applying and/or exercising patent rights within the necessary minimum range not to hinder access to healthcare.

Daiichi Sankyo Group Policy on Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines in Developing Countries

Supply Chain Management

We strive for safety management and reliably and stably supply high quality medicines. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we aim to centralize information by integrating "functions to stably procure raw materials that customers can relieve and to produce as scheduled" and "logistics functions to deliver promptly and reliably after receipt of order" to build a flexible and efficient production and distribution system (supply chain management). Furthermore, under this structure, domestic and overseas production bases cooperate to fulfill a stable supply responsibility to the global market.

Quality & Steady Supply

Sustainable Procurement

Measures for Combating Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

We take steps to combat counterfeit pharmaceuticals, which threaten to undermine people’s trust in pharmaceuticals, by applying cutting edge research and development of formulation and packaging technology. Specifically, we comply with the requirement to display GS1 codes containing expiration dates and manufacturing numbers on individual sales packages and original packaging for pharmaceutical products and endeavor to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical product distribution and enhance traceability.

Measures to Combating Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

Regional Access & Affordability

We strive to sell pharmaceuticals at appropriate prices based on the healthcare systems, insurance systems, and the standards of living of people in each country.

Regional Access & Affordability

Patient Assistance Programs

We will appropriately support patients, healthcare professionals, and other parties concerned (based on the various regulatory circumstances of each country), so that patients are encouraged to take their prescribed medications correctly.

Patient Assistance Programs

Generic Drugs

We are committed to offering affordable generic drugs that accurately address healthcare professional and patient needs. As it supplies these generic drugs, we take precautions to ensure quality and stable supplies while providing information to guarantee appropriate usage and maximum effectiveness.

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