Daiichi Sankyo Group is proactively involved in dealing with environmental issues, which are common challenges for the global community, through its social contribution activities as well as its business operations.

Tree Planting

Daiichi Sankyo (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. conducts tree-planting activities to help protect the environment. A total of 18 employees participated in the tree-planting activity in 2019, which is the 13th time of the event.

Tree planting volunteer activities

Commemorative photo taken after tree-planting

Daiichi Sankyo Portugal planted trees in a forest affected by a fire disaster. In this activity, employees planted 100 pine trees. We believe , this activity is needed to restore not only lost forests but also ecosystems.

Employees who participated in the volunteer activity

Participation in the International Coastal Cleanup Campaign

In September 2019, American Regent, Inc. participated in the International Coastal Cleanup campaign hosted by the U.S. NGO Ocean Conservancy. A total of 32 volunteers, including employees and their families, participated in this campaign and cleaned up the shore. The amount of garbage collected on the day totaled 32 pounds (approx. 14.5 kg). With drifting plastic waste becoming a concern, it is hoped that these plastic waste will disappear in some day.

Participating employees and their families

Beach cleanup

Cleanup Activities around Operating Sites

Daiichi Sankyo Group’s operating sites in Japan are engaged in various forms of local environmental preservation activities.
As part of the Environment Month initiative, employees of Tatebayashi Biopharmaceuticals Center collected 17.8 kg of trash from around the site.

Cleanup activities

Mobility Concept

Since fiscal 2016, Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH, which which oversees group development and pharmaceutical manufacturing in Europe, has introduced a mobility concept for employees to select safe and secure modes of commuting with low environmental burdens. By encouraging employees to select their own mode of transportation, such as a combination of bicycle, public transportation, and environment-friendly vehicles, human mobility will become eco-friendly as well as efficient. In order to focus more on electric and hybrid vehicles, the company has installed 25 charging stations in its underground parking space.

In addition, it has introduced a new car sharing system to ensure efficient vehicle operation.

Electric car

Charging station