Our employees are dedicated to helping people around the world live healthy and meaningful lives. This important mission guides us in managing with a global perspective and always respecting local values. We recognize that our success depends on providing value and earning the trust of patients, healthcare professionals, health authorities, payers and all those who depend on us - regardless of where they live. We strive to earn this trust through our deep commitment to research and innovation, high-quality products and services, ethical behavior, access to medicines for patients, and passion. We recognize that being a trusted and respectful partner is essential to our long-term success. We abide by regulatory and legal requirements, as well as our own ethical standards in every interaction with employees, patients, healthcare professionals, partners and all stakeholders. 

Core Value

We work everyday to pursuit of our goals and our company vision sharing the same core values. These are the basis for our people’s attitude of cooperation and proper value judgments and at the core of our company activities. 

  • Innovation: We encourage our people to be open to the introduction of new ideas, methods, or invention, and our people are passionate to transform them into values for patients through creation of innovative and world-class medicines.
  • Integrity: We value the quality of being honest and of always having high moral principles.
  • Accountability: Our people are responsible for the effects of individual’s actions.

Mutual Growth

Our people are given opportunities to learn, to grow and explore new ways of thinking. This learning and development is deeply rooted in our culture. Together with our people, we grow and continue to thrive to achieve our goals. 

Comprehensive and on-the-job development opportunities are given, and also to promote the speed and quality of our global operations, it is essential that businesses in different regions coordinate and collaborate closely with one another. We are further expanding our global business by providing rotational opportunities for our employees among our locations in different countries and regions, thus enabling employees to experience different cultures and ways of thinking and creating an environment in which diversity is respected.

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