Thorough compliance is essential for the continuation of corporate activities in society.
Therefore, as a global group of pharmaceutical companies, we consider compliance practices as continuing to earn the trust of our diverse stakeholders, and we conduct activities with high ethical standards that take into account not only internal standards, but also social consciousness, philosophy, and social contribution, while adhering to the applicable laws and regulations of the markets in which we operate.


Basic Policy

The Daiichi Sankyo group of companies (hereafter “the Group”) defines “Integrity” as one of our Core Values. We have therefore positioned compliance as the standard we use in making decisions and judging values. In conducting our global business operations, we conduct compliance management with a strong focus on ensuring the high standards of ethics, which is essential for a healthcare company.
To help employees deepen their understanding of this concept and embody it in practice, we have established the Daiichi Sankyo Group Corporate Conduct Charter and the Daiichi Sankyo Group Employee Code of Conduct as the Group’s common codes of conduct. In addition, as specific internal guidance based on the spirit of these codes, each Group company has established its own code of conduct that meets the social needs of each region and ensures that all executives and employees are familiar with these standards.

Internal Control System and Compliance

We consider adhering to high ethical standards, laws, regulations, industry codes, and the Group’s employee code of conduct, and various internal rules when executives and employees conduct their work, as well as building an internal control system for ensuring compliance with such norms, laws, regulations, codes, and policies as a priority in continuously creating corporate value. Therefore, the development of a compliance system has been described in the basic policy for building an internal control system.

  • Together with establishing the Daiichi Sankyo Group Corporate Conduct Charter, the Daiichi Sankyo Group Employee Code of Conduct, and other codes of conduct for executives and employees, each Group company has established its own compliance committee. In addition, the Company has established a committee that includes outside experts to oversee the compliance system of the Group as a whole.
  • Furthermore, persons in charge of major regions, corporations, and functions appointed by the parent Company’s CEO in accordance with the Daiichi Sankyo Group Global Management Policy and the heads of organizations, etc. appointed by the President of each Group company in accordance with each company’s Organizational Management Regulations take charge of the operations for which they are responsible, and supervise, manage, and provide instructions to members belonging to such regions, corporations, and functions.
  • Our specialized functions related to system development, such as human resource, legal affairs, compliance, risk management, etc., communicate and manage policies and provide guidance to all organizations of the Group. The Internal Audit Department conducts internal audits of the various companies within the Group with regards to the status of compliance with laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, and various internal policies and procedures  in the Group.