Employees are the largest driving force behind the achievements.

Carrying on the century-long strength in science & technology, innovation remains at the center of everything we do. We build on our legacy through ongoing research to create world-class medicines, pairing existing ideas with new ones, as we pursue our highest goal: to improve quality of life for patients around the globe. We believe that the largest driving force behind the achievement of our group’s mission and vision is our employees, who share our core values; Innovation, Integrity and Accountability.

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At Daiichi Sankyo, we're dedicated to building a culture in which our employees feel challenged and rewarded, and have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities to their full potential.

As a global company, we have approximately 15,000 employees in more than 20 countries.. This means that the cultures, customs and values of Group employees are wide-ranging. We foster a work environment that respects – and builds on the many strengths of – the diversity of our employees.

The pharmaceutical industry requires creative thinking every step of the way. To spark the most innovative approaches, we seek employees who are not afraid of failure. We also promote innovation through teamwork, while acknowledging individual strengths and differences.

We commit to keep the highest standards to care and reward employees and make sure that they grow together with us based on the HR Management Philosophy.

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Daiichi Sankyo HR Management Philosophy

The Daiichi Sankyo group of companies positions our people as the most important asset. The realization of our company's mission and vision and its sustainable growth cannot be achieved without high level of engagement and contribution of employees. To ensure this, we will express the basic principles of HR management as the "HR Management Philosophy".

1. Organizational Principles

Daiichi Sankyo should be a flexible organization responding effectively to changes in the business environment, and fostering a sense of unity within the group of companies in order to enable its employees to realize the mission and vision of their company. 

2. Expectations of Leaders

DS leaders are expected to lead the team members of his/her organization to realize our vision while fully understanding our mission.  

3. Basic Philosophy of Human Resource Management

Daiichi Sankyo will realize sustainable growth through innovation, integrity and accountability. These values are generated through the effective management of our people. 

4. Compensation

We wish to develop a high performance culture where high level of commitment, engagement and contribution are aligned and compensate on the basis of such factors.   

5. Recruitment and Development

We establish a robust processes for recruitment, selection and talent development and thereby attract, develop and retain the talent needed to respond to run the business and also adapt to changing business needs and requirements. 

6. Performance Management

Our goal is to maximize the potential of our people through effective performance management. Performance management is primarily used as a guideline to determine the level of compensation and reward, as well as used to promote talent development. Various achievements and contributions generated from diverse activities are recognized and evaluated appropriately. 

7. Employment/Work Environment

We believe it is important for employees, who are aligned to the company’s values and contribute to the achievement of its mission and vision, grow with Daiichi Sankyo in the long term. We provide a work environment where our employees among the group companies can maintain high motivation and engagement and promote an environment free from harassment and which promotes diversity.  

8. Employee/Labor Union Communication

We value two-way communication with our employees and their opinions. In those countries where labor unions represent employees, the group values those communications as well. 

9. Roles of HR

Our ultimate aim is to recruit and develop talent and creating organizational health and strength to make each member of Daiichi Sankyo group of companies “a great place to work”.  

10. Roles of Management

The management of the Daiichi Sankyo group of companies commits to the vision of the HR Management Philosophy and fostering an understanding of the Philosophy to all leaders of the company.