Creating Innovative Pharmaceuticals

Creating innovative pharmaceuticals, the basis of our value creation, is our top material. In order to bring the Group's mainstay product, ENHERTU, to patients as quickly as possible, we have been working to expand the indications. Since its launch in the US, we have accelerated market penetration in Japan, the US, and Europe as well as work towards early launch outside of Japan, the US, and Europe. As of the end of September 2022, the total number of countries and regions has expanded to 30. As a result, access to patients has improved and the number of patients served has increased to approximately 13,000 as of the end of September 2022. We are also working with AstraZeneca, with whom we have a strategic alliance, to further expand access. In the field of oncology where many people still suffer, we will continue our activities to deliver new therapeutic agents to patients and medical facilities as soon as possible.

Materiality and contribution to the SDGs

Research & Development

Early Access Program

Expanding Access to Investigational Medicines

n countries and regions where our medicines are not yet approved, we provide certain investigational medicines through Expanded Access Program or similar early access programs to eligible patients with a serious or life-threatening disease or condition, for which all currently available treatment options have been exhausted and enrollment into a clinical trial is not possible. For example, in the treatment program that ensures the early delivery of Enhertu to patients in countries and regions where Enhertu is not yet approved, we established a special risk management system to ensure patient safety.

Improving Access to Healthcare

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