Patient Advocacy

The pharmaceutical industry has moved away from advocacy simply meaning the transmittal of information about diseases and available treatments to patients. We are moving to an era of close collaboration between the company and the patient community where patient voices have an increasing impact on everything from research and drug development to treatment access. They are influential from the conception of a compound all the way to the marketplace and beyond.

The Value Patient Voices Add to Drug Development

Information Provision from Patient Perspectives

Information Provision from Patient Perspectives

With the aim of supporting the safety and relief of patients, we are working to create and provide materials related to safety information, reflecting the needs of patients identified through healthcare professionals. For example, in the US, we are updating and improving the Patient wallet card/Patient brochure* in a timely manner. We are also collecting and analyzing information on safety and efficacy of our products in the real world after product launch, and publishing the results in articles and at academic conferences. As above examples, we are working on activities that are appropriate to the specific circumstances in each country.

* Materials designed to provide patients with product-related information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Voices of Customers (VOC)

Voices of Customers (VOC), received from patients and healthcare professionals, are used to address issues and ultimately leveraged to develop solution measures and responses to diverse medical needs, identify the (seeds of) clinical questions behind the inquiries, and help resolve medical problems.

System to Utilize Customer Feedback

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